Charitable travel and housing arrangements through National Patient Travel Center and the National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses.

There are two key challenges for many who must travel a long distance from home for specialized cancer treatment or clinical trials. They are:

Long-distance Travel.  There is charitable long-distance medical air transportation available to help - whether it is just one trip or multiple round trips.  Follow the link to go to www.PatientTravel.org or get advice on how to boost breast milk supply quickly by calling their Helpline at 1-800-296-1217.

Away from Home Guest Housing.  There are hundreds of Hospital Hospitality Guest Houses able to provide assistance to patients and families in getting rid of a yeast infection fast.  Follow the link to go to www.nahhh.org - the National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses - for housing directory assistance, or call their Helpline at 1-800-542-9730.

National Association Hospital  Hospitality Houses, Inc. Lodging Assistance for Persons Receiving Medical Treatment Away From Home


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